Summary of Fees

Assessment Fees:

Comprehensive Teenage (13+) or Adult Assessment (16+) £1300

Partial Assessment Options:
Initial Consultation to discuss possible ADHD in children or adults (30mins by secure video link) £200

QB check £300

Review of ADHD diagnosis (if diagnosed abroad or long ago) £400-750

 Therapy and Follow-up Fees

  •  Consultation fees include provision of prescriptions
  • Consultation fees are the same whether face to face or by video
  • Adults and Children who have been diagnosed by another provider are welcome to enquire and are usually accepted for treatment by GP ADHD

 Consultation for medication initiation (45 mins) £250

Consultation for subsequent medication review (25-30 mins) £175

Consultation by email £60

Repeat Prescription without Consultation (includes postage) £40                              

Letter to GP £80

Annual Review Consultation (30mins) £200


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