QB Check

The Quantitative Behaviour Check is a computer-based assessment tool for 6-60 year olds.  It provides a way of measuring the core ADHD symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity.  It built on the well-documented and tested technology of the QB Test which has an established database of 250,000 patient tests and has both FDA approval and is a Certified Medical Device in the UK.  In a recent study performed by the Academic Health Science Network involving 40,000 children undergoing NHS ADHD assessment it was found to add value when used early in the diagnostic process. It reduced the time and the number of appointments required to confirm a diagnosis. Both service users and clinicians found the report useful when discussing the diagnosis.

During the test the patient is asked to respond as quickly and accurately as possible to a series of images presented on the screen by clicking the space bar when appropriate.  The webcam tracks movement.  The results of the test are available within a few minutes and are compared with the QB database of subjects with and without ADHD.

Many Adult Psychiatrists and nearly all Child Psychiatrists now perform a QB Check as part of their assessment for ADHD.

GP ADHD can offer standalone QB Checks which are supplied with a written report.

It is essential to understand that QB Check alone does not provide a diagnosis of ADHD – it serves as a useful screen and can form part of a comprehensive assessment.

Cost of QB Check and written report  £300


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