Adult and Child Treatment

Follow-up Appointments

Treatment options always include non-pharmacological and pharmacological options.  In reality, most patients with ADHD struggle to engage with non-pharmacological treatment until medication is started.

GP ADHD can provide prescriptions for medication to treat ADHD for both adults and children.  GP ADHD has considerable experience in adjusting medication in children as well as adults.

If you wish to start medication, you will need to book a Medication Initiation appointment, following receipt of your report. 

If a cardiovascular assessment is required before starting medication (which may include an ECG or blood tests) there may be additional charges.

If all proceeds smoothly it takes around 3 months to stabilise medication, although it can take longer.  If your NHS GP is able to share care and you would prefer to be discharged to a shared care arrangement, this can be arranged after 2-3 months on a stable dose.  Following that, an annual review is a normal part of a shared care arrangement and interim appointments are available on request.

Medication Initiation (45mins) £250

Medication Review Consultation (25-30mins) £175

Consultation by email £60

Letter to GP £80

Annual Review Consultation (30mins) £200 


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