Adult Assessment

ADHD Assessments for Adults

ADHD is characterised by 3 core symptoms of Inattention, Hyperactivity and Impulsivity and is now recognised as a lifelong condition, although the severity and impact of symptoms may reduce with age.  It may be recognised for the first time in childhood or adulthood. A secure diagnosis in adulthood relies on a retrospective assessment of symptoms in childhood in addition to the current symptoms.

Adults with ADHD can have a wide range of symptoms, most notably disorganisation, poor time management, forgetfulness and impulsive decision making.  All these may have had a significant impact on childhood and schooling and a current impact on work, homelife and relationships.  Untreated symptoms can lead to depression and or anxiety.  It has been recognised that many adults who are resistant to standard treatments for depression and anxiety may have undiagnosed ADHD.  ADHD has a strong genetic component and very often a patient undergoing an assessment may come to the realisation that their children, parents or other relatives may also have the condition themselves.

Comprehensive Adult ADHD Assessment

The assessment is carried out in multiple parts.  It comprises a medical screening interview (Initial Consultation), QB check if advised, then a structured interview with the patient.  Collateral information is provided by, ideally, a relative or some school reports. 

An adult assessment may be undertaken from the age of 16.

The structured assessment is called DIVA and is an internationally recognised tool to assist the diagnosis of ADHD in adults.  This assessment takes 1.5-2h.  If required, GP ADHD will liaise with a Consultant Psychiatrist to confirm the diagnosis and agree a treatment plan (no extra charge).  If the diagnosis is confirmed there will be a full explanation given and treatment options outlined.  A full written report will be provided after all assessments.

Cost of Comprehensive Adult Assessment  £1,300


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