Child Assessment

ADHD Assessments for Children

ADHD is characterised by 3 core symptoms of Inattention, Hyperactivity and Impulsivity.  Some children may be predominantly inattentive and others may be predominantly hyperactive and impulsive.  ADHD affects about 5% of school age children.  When conducting a diagnostic assessment, consideration is made of the settings where the symptoms are evident (usually home and school) and the significance of their impact on how a child functions in various domains eg social, emotional, psychological and educational, when compared to children who do not have ADHD.

ADHD often co-exists with other conditions and careful consideration of this is made during a diagnostic assessment.

Untreated ADHD can have a significant impact on a child’s social and emotional wellbeing causing inability to achieve their academic potential significant family stress and disruption.

At this time GP ADHD cannot offer a full diagnostic package for children aged 6-12 but can screen them and refer to the most appropriate local consultant led service for formal assessment if indicated. 

Initial Consultation to Discuss Possible ADHD in Children aged 6-12  £200

Comprehensive Teenage Assessment for ADHD £1300

A QB Check is a useful part of a comprehensive diagnostic assessment and is included as part of comprehensive child assessments aged 12-18.


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