Dr Chris Schramm


GP-ADHD is currently Dr Chris Schramm, an experienced GP with a special interest in ADHD.      

He was raised mostly in Australia, studied Medicine in Hobart then came to Cambridge in 1993, initially for 3 years. He is still here.  He trained as a GP in Cambridge and has worked from and mostly in Cambridge ever since.  En-route he has been a GP Trainer, a Programme Director of the Cambridge GP Training Programme, led a Primary Care-based Research team working closely with the NIHR, dabbled in the innovation of medical devices, and worked in population health improvement projects using Medical Bioinformatics.

Since completing GP training in Cambridge in 1998, he worked mostly as a GP Partner in Great Shelford.  He has many years of GP experience in working with patients to adjust medication regimes for optimal clinical effectiveness.

He has been working actively with ADHD patients over the last decade.  His main clinical interest has always been psychology in young adults and in recent years this has increasingly focussed on recognising and

treating ADHD in adolescents and young adults.  He has received specific training in Diagnosis and Management from the UK Adult ADHD Network and worked in the NHS Child and Adolescent ADHD Clinic in Cambridge.

During 2022 he has been working in collaboration with a range of Private and NHS Psychiatrists and providing ADHD medication titration service via Cambridge Private Doctors, the private GP service at the Nuffield Hospital in Cambridge.  He remains well connected to local Consultant Psychiatrists and still relies on them to confirm a diagnosis in young children whilst also working towards achieving competence in this area. 

He can signpost to independent Psychologists and Coaches with a particular interest in ADHD.

Please note that those clinicians are not employed by Dr Schramm and are not a formal part of this service.



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